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Recommendation for the Boxes EPP GN 1/1, Box EPP Inlay GN 1/1 and Boxes EPP Universal

Transportation of food products is always of the utmost importance – whether for catering, healthcare, child care, any type of food product transportation it is always necessary to transport with safe temperature food zones.

With proper use, EPP Boxes can contribute to food safety keeping all foods, both hot or cold, well within the required food safe temperature zones.

The Federal Association of Food Inspectors (Bundesverband der Lebensmittelkontrolleure e. V.) has put the EPP to the test. As a result we permit you to use our Seal of Quality in your sales records, specifying the following addition:

“The Federal Association of Food Inspectors recommends EPP-Boxes from thermohauser GmbH on the German market”.

Exhibitor: thermohauser GmbH

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