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Awarded in Innovation: thermohauser GmbH

This year thermohauser GmbH is one of Germany's leading innovators of medium-sized businesses. In the independent selection process, the company was especially impressed with its innovative processes and its external orientation.

thermohauser, ensures that food is delivered at the right temperature. This is possible thanks to their intelligent insulating boxes. “Providing a meal at the right temperature is not only a matter of pleasure, but also a matter of health," says CEO Helmut Sulger.

Practical ideas arise when the market is closely monitored, but also in discussions with customers and authorities. The development department of the top innovator then creates new, often unique products

According to the motto "Mastering challenges before they arise at the customer level, thermohauser’s team brings new ideas and solutions to the marketplace! This dynamic is what strengthens our commitment to our customers and the market itself!"

Exhibitor: thermohauser GmbH

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